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Reviewer: Retro Mario
Game Name: Animal Crossing Wild World

English Version of ACWW--------------------------- Japanese Version of ACWW
Platform: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Community Simulation
Players: 2-4 LAN 2-4 Wi-Fi
ESRB rating: E for Everyone
Developer: Nintendo

The Old days: The GameCube version of the animalcrossing is way different to the NintendoDS version of the game, well the GC version is almost the same as the NDS version, the graphics back then weren't bad for the game cube so here it is, you dont have any online connections on it so you need a friend who has a animal crossing memory card and stick it in slot-2, but the bad thing is you only get to have one person visiting your town.

Animal Crossing Wild World: In this version of the Animal crossing is way better than the old one, the reason why is that you can place patterns on the floor and show off your patterns, better than putting it as a flag, you also can have patterns placed on floor representing as your town theme such as Link world, Water World, Lava World, Ice World (i have ice world), etc.
In this game you get to wear loads of hats and glasses theres lots to choose, to buy a hat or a accesories you go to the able sisters and its at the top right in the store.
The greatest thing in this game is Wi-Fi Contatible, you will really get addicted to this game, it maybe one year old but theres much to do!

Wi-Fi:The wifi in animal crossing wild world is great! To get guests or go out to peoples town you must get something called "Friend Code" this friend code will allow you to get visiters but you must have their friendcode and the visiter must have yours as well.Warning: some Action Replay users get something called "Seeds" some people think its cool to have seeds but one day you might get seeded from Action Replay users(Hackers) so dont trust anyone if you have something valueable, only if their your friends, if they start leaving turn off the game and delete the stranger off your list, and yes they're some nice hackers that give you free stuff but if they give you seeds its okay but if you have too many your game will stop booting so becareful who you play with.

Gameplay:The gameplay is great you will never finish the game, you get to customize your house and make it bigger when you pay off your debt at the town hall. if you dont have WiFi you can fish,catch bug, or even hang out with your animal friends. ill rate this gameplay 5/5

MusicThe music repeats its just whistling,guitar, and some sort of music sooner or later you will get tired of it that you may turn the volume down.
There is this dog named KK.Slider who plays his music at 8pm to midnight in the muesium
after he talks to you he will give you his music just like the GC version and go to your house and talk to the sterio,tape, etc and put the song in, theres many songs that KK.Slider made and its awesome!.
ill rate the music: 3/5 because the repeating music

Graphics:The graphics wasn't bad for the Nintendo DS
its not 3D like in the old Animal crossing but its still better and more funitures in your catolog.
ill rate the Graphics: 4/5

some images.

If you dont have this game I recommend you to get it!