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Developer: ijji
Game RATING:8/10

Ahh GUNZ, it's a free, online only, 3rd person shooter. It CAN be considered a MMO, but it's a server based type game. Meaning that you or someone else needs to open up a server to play in-game. As most free MMO games have adventure and wandering, this one doesn't. But it does have something in common with others: The Cash Shop! But this one, actually has some effects on you when you equip these items! For example, if you buy something that is under the category, chances are, your gonna get some effect. NOTE:All these effects are good.

When I first played GUNZ the thing that was cool the most to me was the acrobatics. Wall running, using a sword to climb walls, you can do it in Gunz! A nice leveling system and a fairly good clan system keep players separated into skill levels and you don't usually meet people that are crazily better or worse then you. With a variety of weapons and armor to choose from, and a good money system(Known in this game as Bounty Points or BP), You can be the best in your level!!


GUNZ has some decent gameplay. It takes a totally new approach to third person shooter combat by employing gravity defying acrobatic moves and a big variety of play styles. To start off, you'll have to pick a character, either male or female. There are 4 classes you can choose from, but the only difference they make is which weapons you start with. When you finally get into a server (It can be difficult at times due to the popularity and free nature of GUNZ) you'll see that there are about 10 maps. They range from a tropical island to a prison to a gladiator arena. There are 3 maps that can be unlocked after you level up a bit. The levels range in size and layout so there is a good amount of strategy for each level. The items you can buy are fairly limited, but the game is still in beta after all. There are SMGs, Rifles, Pistols, Revolvers, Shotguns, Machine guns, and Rocket launchers. There are a few different models of each weapon, each more powerful (and expensive) then the last. You also have grenades, flashbangs, and smoke grenades, along with health kits and armor kits. There are 5 modes of gameplay available currently. Deathmatch is your average kill, die, respawn, repeat free for all. Team deathmatch is when the average colors(Blue and Red)fight and if you get killed in anyway, you'll have to be a spectator until the one team kills the other. Gladiator is deathmatch with melee weapons(swords and daggers)only. Team gladiator is like TDM but with melee weapons only. Assassination is like Team Deathmatch except the object is to kill the one person on the other team that is glowing.Team Deathmatch+extreme is like TDM, but you re spawn when you die.Deathmatch+berserk is when the person kills someone(only to start off match)and then they are the berserker, then the berserker tries to survive, while the rest of the players try to kill the berserker. The Dual is when two players fight, and the winner fights the next person in line. If the person wins like 10 times in a row, a message will appear through out the whole channel that the person won 10 times in a row. And then there's quest mode. Quest mode is where you fight NPC's, usually 25, there are 2 levels you start with for quest:Mansion, and Dungeon. Mansion is absolutely no problem once you play it 6 times. You can even beat it yourself! But dungeon, thats hard! It's really easy at the begging 3 stages, but the final part, your gonna need pro experienced people fighting along side you. But as you play the final part around 10 times, you can kill a lot of NPC's in the final. But those quests are nothing, if you sacrifice page 13(Quest item that you buy in the store), you can play the level 2 quests, which are the same as the others but harder. And you can't play the level 2 quests until your level 13. The level 2 of Mansion remains almost the SAME! You can still beat it by yourself no problem, but level 2 dungeon, twice as hard as the level one version. There are 5 stages in the level 2 dungeon, 2 new ones after they removed the first stage from the level 1 dungeon. And the final part in the level 1 is still in there! And it's mega harder, and if you and your team managed to make it, the stage after that is HARD, and the final one....whew! Way too hard! But still, quests give you TONS of BP so, it's worth the dieing.

What really sets GUNZ apart is the many different ways of playing. You can pump your enemy full of lead with your sub machine gun and hope to hit something, you can master finger crunching, keyboard breaking pro moves like the slashshot and butterfly step and own “Korean” style, or you can hide behind the nearest pillar and try to stun people with your rusty dagger. Overall, the gameplay is a nice change from your average first person shooter and it's really well implemented.

The Controls are standard. The WASD keys to move and the mouse to aim. You can't map any different controls to the mouse, but if you want you can change the keyboard settings. The default controls work well for all the basic functions, though. 9/10


The graphics are very good for this sort of game. Bullet holes, casings, and muzzle flashes all look very good(Besides the fact in some levels, The background looks like cardboard), and the maps are all very good looking. The maps all feature dynamic lighting and a there is a shader option that can be turned on as well, although it doesn't work for all computers. The characters look good, even if their hands are a bit blocky. The facial features look nice and the people look realistic. All the clothing is nicely done and there are surprisingly few problems with different armor combinations. The weapons also look good, even though the different models of each weapon look almost identical to each other. The different movements flow good together and all the acrobatics look spectacular. 8/10


The music in GUNZ is OK, theres a lot of nirvana type music, but nothing special. Fast beat music fits the mood of the game really well. There are only a few tracks, but while playing they aren't very noticeable at all, which is exactly how background music is supposed to be. All the effects are really nice. There is a distinct shooting sound for every weapon and there's a variety of sounds for close quarters sword battle. Bullet ricochets sound realistic, the swords make a nice “clang”, and the game makes a very satisfying noise after every kill. 8.5/10

GUNZ is a great, well made game. It's really addictive and is actually more fun to play then many expensive, pay to play games. It's still in BETA, so all the bugs haven't quite been worked out yet, but with so many more features to look forward to like quest mode, more items, and clan wars, you'll just want to keep playing.8/10
Reviewed by Johnnyboy