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Game Style: Platformer/MMO

This is a review for Maplestory! A 2-D MMO that let's you explore many places in the most BEAUTIFUL graphics for a 2-D game! The game is FREE, but you can send money through PayPal to earn NX Cash, which enables you to buy really cool items and accessories that you can't get by playing free. If you don't want to do it the PayPal way, then there are NEXON Cards at target, which has a PIN
NUMBER somewhere and you enter it in the site for NX Cash. There are also MESOS GENERATORS which you pay a certain amount of money for mesos! The only down part is that most items have a 30-day limit, so if you want it again you will have to re-buy it. Another option is MARRIAGE!! Yes you heard me right, you can get married! There are some bonuses for marriage, in the recent patch, you can party quest with other couples. Only down fall: It costs NX cash to get marriage tickets (The things that allow you to get married).
***Graphics***Image Don't let the word "2-D" fool you in this game! The graphics are great! The background of the areas are really colorful and detailed, example: in a forest area of the game, you will see the sun shining in the spaces between the trees. The characters are somewhat anime style with kind of big heads, but every part of the character has good detail. Your character can look cooler/cuter with the NX cash items, like a laser sword(like a lightsaber)and haircuts.
***Game Play*** ImageFighting in the game is OK, after you land a hit, it will knock back your enemy, and stun them for a very short time so you can land another hit. Getting hit isn't that bad, unless, you get hit by a powerful monster, or getting knocked back when your at the edge of a floating platform and down below leads to other powerful monsters. You can also form a guild or join one, forming one takes lots of mesos to make one though, and can be a pain finding 5 people and have them stay put while you find some more. You can also have a party to help you level, and a full party is required to make a guild. The job system is pretty much the same as any other game, the WARRIOR: A job thats skills revolve around HP increasing, power striking, and more HP recovery, and a defense buff. The ARCHER: A ranged distance type job. It's skills revolve around accuracy increasing, attack range increasing, and other buffs that increase various stats. The THIEF: A dagger using/Star throwing job type. It's skills revolve around double attacking, multiple star throwing, and various stat buffs. The MAGE: A spell-casting job with some attack involved. I don't know what it's skills are, the mage is very complicated, with many stat affecting skills. There are 2nd jobs but I have little knowledge about them, therefor I will not list them.
***Controls*** The controls are pretty easy, CTRL to attack, ALT to jump and arrow keys to jump. You can reconfigure them to your liking. There are various hot keys that allow you to interact in many different ways. Hackers can appear, but I've never gotten "seriously" hacked by hackers.
***Sound*** The sounds and music are pretty good, some are catchy, and depending on your area in-game, they can be weird or creepy.
OVERALL: This game is fun, and there are some nice people that you can meet. Some people call will call you noobs, or other names, but that is rare. If I would give this game a ESRB rating, I'd say 8+.
Overall: 9/10
Note: The pics above were collected from Photobucket, and are not my pics.


Reviewer by  Johnnyboy