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Phoenix Wright
Release date: March 31st 2006 in Europe.
Genre: RPG adventure novel like stillscreen game. (stratagery)
Publisher: Capcom.
Developer: Capcom.
Controls: Stylus and gamepad.

Storyline: Phoenix wright, a new out of law school lawyer learning the basics of actually being a lawyer. It starts with our nervous charactor (Phoenix Wright) starting his first murder trail defending the one and only Larry Butz a old mate of his from long ago, who always gets blamed for everything, accused for the murderous deed. From there the sotryline kicks off including charactors, Mia Fey, your boss and other such people to help you along your way to being the best defence lawyer there is.

Graphics: The graphics are great in my opionion, sort of anime/manga.(you decide) even though the game is stillscreen and not as, fast moving as, say super mario games. But each tiny movment goes towards helping the mood of the game come alive. I got so wrapped up in it as soon as i got it, i spent hours on it going into the night.

Controls: In your role as phoenix wright you will need to do everything possiable to get your defence cleared as "NOT GUILTY" as the judge would say wacking his hammer down. but doing that is not as easy as you think, this game is a stratagery game, you will need to use your mind to do what you need to do, using evidence at the right time and right place to do it. You play by listening to witnesses and pressing them on certain points of there testimony to gain infomation, and if there infomation doesnt match what the evidence says, present that evidence to the judge. Once you do it about a few times your witness really begins to crack, which is funny whatching them sweat and scream in court, mainly in the 2nd last case, haha. Oh, and you always get a brief at the begining of the case.

Ok. In most cases it doesnt end in one day, inyour spare time after court you need to go out hunting, not literary, but askand look for clues to save your defence in court.

My opinion: This game rules, rate this a big 100/10, joking, 9/10 ad i find it really hard to find something wrong with this great game. Oh and this game has a load of text in it, its good but involes reading alot of stuff, if you miss anything you can generally guess what they said in some cases or get the witness to repeat there testimonary. This game has some sarcassium in it and is really funny at points mainly with the dumb detective who is always strangly picked on in court. haha.


Gameplay: 8/10
Controls: 8/10
Graphics: 10/10
Storyline: 9/10
Review by DustFinger07