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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Review

Review By:Fire Fox
Game Rating:E
Platform:Nintendo DS
Genre:RPG(Role Playing Game)
Wi-Fi compatible:yes
Multi-player:Up to four
Developer:Game Freak


You are a young trainer.Today is the day you start your journey to become a pokemon master.Your goal:To plow through the 8 awaiting gyms and hopefuly beat the pokemon elite 4.You have the option to choose from three different pokemon that will join you in your journey.

Turtwig:The grass starter
Chimchar:The fire starter
And Piplup:The water starter.
You and friend head out to profesor rowans to obtain your pokemon.You meet at lake verity and meet one of the profesors pupils dawn/lukas.The profesor heads back to his lab and you notice that hes left his brief case.Incidentily its in the tall grass where wild pokemon roam.As you walk up to the briefcase a couple wild starly attack you!!In order to defend your self you look into the profesors case.Inside are three pokeballs.Thses pokeballs contain one of the three starter pokemon I had mentioned before.You and your friend choose a pokeball each and defeat the pokemon.This is the starting line which marks the beginning of your adventure.

Game Play
Despite all the new features this is still a pokemon game at heart.Your main objective is to train pokemon, beat trainers, and catch pokemon.This time round you have over 100 new pokemon with a few recurring pokemon from past generations.The touch screen controls are very effective and work like a charm.There responsive and look good too.Just like past versions you get a new type of gadget.In silver and gold it was the pokegear and in ruby,saphire and emerald it was the pokenav.This time its the Poketch.(Pokemon + watch = Poketch) Its a strange name but its by far the best gadget the series has seen in a while.Its filled with little gimicky toys like a calculsator, map, clock etc.Image

Over World
For those of you who dont know, the Over World is the world where you walk around and interact with objects.(The exact opposite of the battle screen)Anyway back on topic, compared to past game the over world looks much better.The graphics are crisp, theres 3-D objects, and the animations are smooth.It shows when you compare to the over world of a gba game
Compared to a screenshot from pokemon ruby version for the game boy advance, you can see some major differences.The most obvious being the 3-D objectis in the D/P screen and the lack of in the ruby shot.The character sprites also have more to them in the D/P compared to the ruby sprites.The D/P main character has more setail then the one from ruby and the buildings have an added sense of height to them now.

Battle screen
Pokemon diamond and Pearl takes a HUGH(I put alot of emphasis on huge) leap in graphical terms in this area.The battles are so much clearer, crisper and just all around better in this game then they were previously.Not only did they make a jump in the graphical area but also in the control area as well.Look at the screenshots below and think about the main differences between them.
Yes, there is a graphical difference BUT more importantly the attack buttons have been converted from the normal cursor style nice, big, touch screen buttons.The game flows so much better then it did before and there will be no mistakes made on this control scheme.Fret not though.If you still linger for the slow cursor style button config you got back when you were playing pokemon on the Game Boy, its still here.Just hit the D-Pad and you will be given a cursor to move around with and select just as you would with the touch screen.

This games sound is probably as good as the next.Its nothing spectacular but it is the pokemon music that we have all known to love.The themes have received some tuning up but to me it seems like it just doesnt have the same charm the game boy game version had.The music is good but you will definatley get annoyed by some of the music you hear.When ever I go into pastoria city my volume is as good as off.Some you will love but some you will hate.

Raplay Value
Really this part of the review doesnt seem needed.We all know that pokemon games are some of the games with the best replay value.But out of al the pokemon games out there.When it comes to replay value this game takes the cake.Just like in emerald and Fire red and Leaf green, this game comes with the national dex.But unlike those games this national dex can contain up to about 493 different species of pokemon.Wow.Diddnt see that coming did ya.Using the past GBA games once you have seen all the sinnoh pokemon(which is surprisingly easy) you get the abbility to use a place called Pal Park.Pal park allows you to upload pokemon via game boy advance cartridge slot.The pokemon are extracted from the games and put into pokemon D/P.But be warned, once there in D/P there staying and not coming back.Aside from that there is the Wi-Fi abbility which gives about 2 things you can do.You can go through the hastle of Friend codes registration so you can trade, battle and talk with friends over the internet.That and you cam use something called the GTS(Global Trade Station) Which allows you to put pokemon up for trade with out having to get another persons friend code.If a trainer who wants a pokemon and sees yours and has the pokemon you want for it you can trade and exchange pokemon,with out going through the twedious work of getting friend codes.

This pokemon game is a completely new experience but atheart its just like its brothers on the GBA.The game may seem repetetive at times but this is a fresh experience.This game should not be eluded by any pokemon fans.It shoulsnt be eluded from any who enjoys gaming in general.The game is a sold RPG and definatley a must buy.

Great gameplay
Same old pokemon formula
Better graphics
Better controls
over 300 pokemon

Repetetive at times

Graphics 5/5
Control 5/5
Gameplay 5/5
Replay Value 5/5
Sound 4/5


Reviewed by Fire Fox