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Super Paper Mario
Review by:Fire Fox
Platform: Wii
Multiplayer:No :(
Developer:intelligent systems



Well Mario's back at it. He's squished into paper form again to save, not the mushroo kingdom but an entire new world called Flip side. An entire new dimension filled with strange inhabitants, new worlds, and an new evil. The old evil actulay comes back to help you. In this epic adventure you play as four heroes which you unlock over time. Those being Mario (duh), Princess Peach, Bowser and the younder brother we all know Luigi. Anywho for the fans off the past paper mario games, if you were expecting another thrilling RPG, think again. This is no RPG, rather it is a plat former like many of Mario's past games. Your favorite RPG elements havent been tossed away though. You still can use healing items like mushrooms and such and attack items like fire flowers and thunder rage hasn't been forgotten about neither. Plus you gain one thing a mario platformer hasnt had before, a health point gauge. You also gain level ups that add to your powerm, life, etc. So you get a strange concoction plat former RPG. The form of game play element isnt the only strange thing. This game does have its weird moments just like the past Paper Mario games and it still has the same Paper mario brand of humor we all love too. The evil force you fight in this game is no other then the force of count bleck. This man wants to destroy your world. Are you gonna stand for that? HECK NO!! SO you set off to find the pur hearts in order to stop the fatal power of the dark prognistcus.


Game play

This game has a strange form of game play. Its a mix of RPG and platformer as I stated before. You basically go around beating world after world. But a paper mario game wouldn't only be like that. You still have your basic puzzle problems that come by you. For example, You have to find something to let you breath in space and soon so you see this kid with a fish bowl. He says you can have it but you have to find a place for his fish, "Captain" to live. So you basicly get the picture. And don't think it relys only on plat forming to entertain you. It has some very inovative levels in it. I mean come on, you cant say your disappointed by a space shooter level. Its just plain fricking awesome.


Don't argue with me here. Most average gamers don't have problems when it comes to playing a genral Mario platformer. Theres nothing different here. In this perticular game you hold the remote like a classic remote control. Heh, If you thought you would be playing with it pointing to the TV and holding onto the nun-chuck, you can now breath a sigh of releif. This way it is much more comfortable and you have easy access to your main controls. Trust me this way was definatley a way to go. Its actulay kinda nostalgic if you think about. Its design is just like the classic Nintendo controlers.


This particular Paper Mario game has a decent sound track too it. Its nothing that you MUST hear but it is good none the less. To me its not as good as Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door. That games music owned.But I must say it has its own unique style to it that you most likely will not here in other Mario games. It has this computer esque sound to it.Its all funky and messed up, in a good way though. Especially the pixl theme. That is one piece of music that I have never heard any thing like it.

Closing Comments

Super Paper Mario is a wonderful game to own and definitely a game to add to your wii library. If your a fan of the series you might feel a little let down but its still a great game. The controls are great, the graphics look awesome and the game play is spectacular. This is one of the best wii games out at the moment and will definitely be one of the best games for the Wii to ever come. Its style is unique and you will be sorry if you miss it.


Reviewed By Fire Fox